Indonesian Market Entry

Planning to expand your business to Southeast Asia?

Ever heard of Indonesia?

The fourth most populated country on Earth after China, India, and USA.
A country with a population of 267 millions people!
 Imagine if only 1% from it bought your products!
This is why you should invest here in Indonesia!

Indonesia is known for its incredible natural resources, enormous economic potential and is one of the leading ASEAN markets. The country is an attractive investment destination because of the growing size of its domestic and regional markets, huge natural resources and a young and growing workforce. Indonesia currently plays a small role in emerging markets equity indexes and a large role in fixed income funds.

Ease of Doing Business

As Southeast Asia’s largest economy and one of the newly minted countries in a new group of attractive emerging economies, Indonesia has promising economic prospects that deserve investor attention. The country has made considerable efforts to make itself worthy, by ranking 73 in 2020 World Bank ease of doing business.

Starting Business Easier

Indonesia made starting a business easier by introducing an online platform for business licensing and replacing hard copies with electronic certificates.

Trading Across Borders Easier

Indonesia made trading across borders easier by improving the online processing of export customs declarations.

Enforcing Contracts Easier

Indonesia made enforcing contracts easier by introducing an electronic case management system for judges.

Paying Taxes Easier

Indonesia made paying taxes easier by introducing an online filing and payment system for the major taxes.

Improved Reliability Of Power Supply

Indonesia improved the reliability of power supply following renovations to and enhanced maintenance of its electrical grid.

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We assist foreigners or foreign companies to establish their company here in Indonesia

Easy Set Up

All we need is your identities such as passport and Deed of Association for foreign companies

Fast Set Up

Start operating within 2 weeks after we have received all the requirements needed from client.

Affordable Set Up

Our starting price for setting up companies for investors is 15 million Rupiah or around 1000USD$


We have been assisting local clients in setting up their local companies, and now we are expanding our line of business which is helping foreign investors such as individuals or companies in entering Indonesian Market and running their business here in Indonesia.
Not only setting up companies, we also help in legal consulting for our clients to meet their needs.


Setting Up Companies
Legal Documentations
Legal Consultation




Sahabatlegal work together proffesionally with lawyer and notary in their field.


We have established hundreds of companies, helping them in their legal needs.

Free Consultation

Free Consultation for you who are interested in entering Indonesian Market

Friendly Price

We offer a very reasonable and transparent price, nothing hidden.

Hassle Free

All we need is only your identification document such as passport or Deed of your company

Offline Consultation @Office

Are you in town? Please visit our office at Tanjung Duren Raya Street Number 351C, West Jakarta, Indonesia


There are two types of company in Indonesia, to put simply one is  Local Company (PT)
and the other is Foreign Investment Company (PT PMA)

There are few things to take note for Foreign Investment Company (PT PMA)


PT PMA can do any commercial activity that isn't prohibited by the Negative Investment List. What is Negative Investment List? Check it out here.

Minimum Investment

PT PMA must invest a minimum of IDR 10 billion or around 700.000 USD. This sum will be applied to one business line.

Stakeholders & Board of Directors

Minimum of 2 shareholders, 1 director, and 1 commissioner are required. Each stakeholder can pose as director or commissioner, a local representative could also be appointed.

Legal Documentation That You Will Get

1. Notarial Deed 2. Approval from Indonesian ministry of Law and Human Rights 3. Company Tax Payer ID 4. Domicile Letter 5. NIB Number

Hassle Free

All we need is only your identification document such as passport or Deed of your company

Offline Consultation @Office

Are you in town? Please visit our office at Tanjung Duren Raya Street Number 351C, West Jakarta, Indonesia

“After using Sahabatlegal, I can finally set up my business here in Jakarta! Sahabatlegal was the best investment I ever made.”

Mr. Patrick

“Nice work on your legal services. I STRONGLY recommend Sahabatlegal to EVERYONE interested in setting up their company here in Indonesia! I love your service. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.”

Mr. Julian

I highly recommend using the service of Sahabat Legal, they helped me open PMA with ease and was clear and helpful in every step of the process, not to mention the very good price for an express and hassele free process A+++

Mr. Nathan

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Happy Client
Work Done


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Sahabatlegal is a platform services that connects clients who need legal services with Indonesian based legal service professionals such as lawyers and notaries